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What if the house is not "clean enough"? 

We use a professional cleaning company and have every house inspected before and after cleaning. Every now and then we miss something. If it is major and we missed it, we can reschedule them to come back as their time allows. If it is not major, please simply clean it yourself. You will be responsible for doing that over the term of the lease anyway. If it is something you cannot live with contact the cleaning company directly and ask them to come review it. Much of the time, the houses are cleaned when the company leaves, but over several days of moving or measuring, the house accumulates foot traffic and lots of open doors, etc. quickly becomes dirty. 


Can we get regularly scheduled cleanings done? 

Absolutely, the cleaning company in charge of your house before you moved in is licensed, bonded and has workmen’s comp. We highly encourage the parents paying $75 or so per tenant per quarter to have the houses professionally cleaned. This should be worked out between you and the company directly. Their contact info will be on the door of the refrigerator or in a kitchen drawer or you can select another 3rd party provider that you would like to use.


Do we have to get renter's insurance?

Yes. It is a lease requirement. Liability coverage must be $300,000.00. We can issue it to you for less than $35 per month per a tenant. 


What if we have insurance on our homeowner's policy back home?

This is a misnomer and does not provide you with the protection you need, or we require. It will likely not be sufficient to cover significant damage to the house i.e. busted pipes and will rarely cover non-scheduled personal property over $1,000.00. If evidence of a renter's policy is not provided then we can "force place" renter's insurance and collect as part of Rent, as defined in your Lease. 


What are the chances of getting broken into? Do the houses have security systems? 

We have only had 3 reported thefts in the last fourteen years and two of them were determined to be by friends or guests of the Tenants. The houses do not have security systems, but you may have one professionally installed at your cost if approved in writing by the Management Company or Owner. If you do, it must be left and not removed when you vacate. You may not change a lock to the house under any circumstances. If you need a lock changed then we will do so. If you put a lock on a bedroom, then you must provide a key. Failure to do so will result in our having the lock removed or a key made at your cost. 


Do we have to pay by Autodraft?

Yes. This is a lease requirement. The ACH ("Autodraft") contract is also attached and automatically terminates at the expiration of their lease. We do not take any more or any less than the rent, as defined in your Lease. It will be terminated 30 days from the expiration of your Lease. Cancellation of the ACH Agreement is grounds for termination of the lease and acceleration of the RENT and will trigger the personal guarantee. Unfortunately, we have taken checks by mail and found them to cause significant late fees and issues as to date sent us. Additionally, all of our accounting is done by online banking on the 10th of the month to ensure that the rent owed on time. By taking checks and making manual deposits the delay and costs of doing business increases. 

We also allow one check to be made from August-December and one for January-July, in advance. You will NOT be invoiced as your lease serves as the invoice and evidence of your requirement to pay without demand. If your rent bounces or is not deducted it is your responsibility to notify us so as to avoid additional late fees. You are expected to have the rent in before keys are issued. 


Do we have to sign the parental guarantee? 

Yes, at least one employed parent or guardian must sign the Guarantee Agreement. This gives everyone a sense of protection, including the other Tenants in the house. 


Are we obligated to keep the utilities on even if we have ALL moved out? 

Yes, power and water. Failure to do so will result in a forfeiture of the entire security deposit and "forced placed" utilities. Because during extreme hot or cold temperatures lack of heat or air circulation can cause severe damage to the house, pipes, floors, mold, mildew problems, etc. Please follow the Cold Weather Instructions attached to your lease in the winter months and do not let the house get above 80 degrees in the hotter months.. even if you are not there. This is for your protection and the house. If you are concerned about a water leak you can turn in a request that we turn off the water valve for you AT NOT COST, but the water must stay on pursuant to your lease so that we can inspect, clean and verify that plumbing is still in working order. 


Are we responsible for exterior yard/leaf maintenance?

Each property owner has different terms for different properties. Please refer to your lease. If you are required to have yard work done, we can arrange for a service for $35-40 per visit.


What do we do when there is something broken or we see damage in the house?

When you move in you will be provided a checklist for you to note any damage. YOU MUST RETURN WITHIN 48 HOURS TO THE OFFICE OR BY EMAIL. YOU ARE FREE TO TAKE PICTURES TO DOCUMENT PRIOR DAMAGE. This is for your protection. Major prior damage will usually be addressed, subject to availability of parts and labor PRIOR to your moving in. For other damage, that the Landlord deems in its sole discretion, will be addressed on a case by case basis as time allows during the month of August.  ALL HOUSES ARE RENTED AS IS. If you have immediate concerns, please email us summarize your concerns as a supplement to the Property Condition Move In Form. If you call and want to report something you will be asked to either email us or send a letter so that we can document the issues for our client or the owners.


Generally, our workmen are half the price of local workmen. Whenever you have an issue you must email us and if you don’t have a response within 24 hours, you can may text or call 662.832.1474 to talk to one of the Managers but only AFTER  you have emailed the information IF IT IS AN EMERGENCY, CALL THE POLICE, THE FIRE DEPARTMENT, OR 911 AS APPLICABLE.  IF YOU HAVE A WATER LEAK OR SOME ISSUE CAUSING IMMEDIATE DAMAGE, PLEASE CALL ONE OF THE PROVIDERS OF SERVICE WE HAVE PROVIDED TO YOU.  ALSO, IF IT IS A WATER LEAK TRY AND TURN OFF THE WATER LINE AT THE METER.   ANY AFTER HOURS CALLS THAT ARE DEEMED NON-EMERGENCIES, IN OUR OPINION WILL BE BILLED AT $100.00 PER AN HOUR.


Do we have to pay rent if one of our roommates fails to? What if they do not pay their share of the utilities?

YES. We allow each tenant to pay an agreed upon monthly amount that they agree to between themselves. However, if the entire rent is not paid then each tenant is liable for the remainder (joint and several). So, if Sally, Karen, and Mary live in a house and Sally and Karen pay rent, but Mary does not then Sally and Karen will not be evicted, but they will lose their total security deposit if we have not been able to collect from Mary or her Guarantor by the end of the Lease. We will file a collection on Mary and her Guarantor and only to the extent they do not pay will your security deposit be affected. We have never "sued" anyone because generally we rent to reasonable people. Most people act responsibly. When you do not act responsibly, we will pursue all available means of collection.


What if there is damage done to the house and no tenants accept responsibility? 

Then the damage will come out of the joint and several security deposits. If you cause damage, please do not be afraid to let us know, it is a requirement that you do so. We will have it estimated and fixed back to the previous condition.


How do we get our security deposit back?

Please read your Move Out Instructions and Security Deposit Agreement. You should get it back in full minus cleaning ($300/tenant) and minus any and all maintenance repairs ($100 or less) if there is no damage, all keys are returned, there are no objects/items left in the house, and the utilities have been left on until the house is cleaned (Within five days of expiration of your lease term). If you comply with the Move Out Instructions and Security Deposit Agreement and provide a forwarding address upon return of your key, then all remaining Security Deposits will be mailed on or before 45 days, per Mississippi law.


What is the biggest thing taken out of the security deposit other than cleaning?

Using tape or stickers on the wall instead of nails or thumbtacks. If the sheetrock or paint is torn it could cause the entire room to be repainted if we can’t match the paint. The other major damage issues are stains on carpet, failure to return keys, and gouges in hardwood floors…use rugs and floor protectors under heavy furniture. Also, not changing air filters or cleaning the intakes.


Do you provide window blinds, treatments, curtains? 

No, because for years we did so and found that Tenants and Parents like to come in and redecorate with their own window treatments or take down the ones we had installed. 


Why isn't my rent prorated if we move in after the 1st or move out before the 31st?

There is no proration of rent. These are not month to month leases. In other words, the entire rental amount is due for the term, so if you are renting for 349 days and your total lease amount is $12,000.00, we will allow you to break this up and pay by month, but there is not a daily or monthly rate. There is not a monthly payment based on a per diem or the amount of days occupied vs. the total number of days in that month. If your lease ends five days early or does not start on the 1st that is not grounds for requesting a proration of that month’s rent, unless otherwise stated in the lease. We can on limited occasions provide for Early Move In or Late Move Out. For more information, see the Forms section on our website


If the house is not ready by the time our lease starts what happens? 

Very rare. It is usually caused by the prior Tenant’s damage or failure to promptly vacate. In this situation, we would prorate the rent from your move in date until we can give you possession as determined in our sole discretion. If we cannot do so by the time school starts, then we will discuss cancellation of your lease so you can find alternate arrangements.


What if we need to get in to measure the house before we move in? 

We respect our current tenants’ privacy as much as you would want us to respect yours. If the current tenants will not allow you in or ask that we do not bring future tenants by then we will oblige. If you have an existing relationship with the current tenants you are allowed to work directly with them, but we are rarely able to facilitate this sort of activity. Do not contact existing Tenants unless you have a prior relationship with them and have confirmed that it is OK to do so with them and the Property Manager by email.

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