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Before you begin:

Please be prepared to pay the application fee as outlined in the property listing. In addition to this rental application, you will also be required to provide a copy of a valid form of identification and proof of income.

To complete this rental application, you must be prepared to provide 3 years of residential history as well as contact information for your rental references. You will also be asked to provide information on your monthly income, and please note that most properties require that applicant combined gross income is at least three (3) times the monthly rent amount.

Each resident over the age of 18 must submit a separate rental application.


 Applicant understands that the Security and Damages Deposit is non-refundable once paid. However, if you paid $1,000 deposit toward house A and ultimately rented house B which only required a $800 deposit then you would be refunded the difference upon payment of the first month’s rent. Additionally, Applicant agrees that: 

  • Landlord may cancel this Application and retain the full Security Deposit ("SD") in the event that the Applicant fails to execute the Lease. 

  • Once your application is approved you will be notified by email and then you will be able to lease the available houses as posted on the website first come, first serve. You will have to have your Guarantor Form, your Payment form with Voided Check and the FULL Security Deposit. If you are lacking a complete application or group then you will not be able to select your house if another group has done so.

  • You will be able to pay your full SD online with a CC or by bringing in a check. We find that if one Tenant or Guarantor will pay the full SD then the other roommates can pay them back to avoid a delay or losing a house to a group that has their entire SD and application in.



I certify that all of the below information is true and complete. I acknowledge that false information herein may constitute grounds for rejection for the Application, termination of right of occupy and non-return of fees and deposits. 

I hereby authorize the Landlord to use reasonable and necessary means, including any consumer reporting agency, current and previous employer, current and former landlord, law enforcement agency, any check authorization agency, and state employment security agency, to release all information any of the may have about me and my Guarantor. I hereby release all of these parties, including but not limited to the Landlord and any agency designated by Landlord, form any liability in connection with release of such information. I hereby authorize Landlord to obtain and hereby instruct any consumer reporting agency designated by Landlord to furnish a consumer report under The Fair Credit Reporting Act to Landlord to use such consumer report in attempting to collect any amounts due and owing under the Housing Contract or the Guaranty of Resident Obligations or for any other permissible purpose. 


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